Active holidays in Nordseter

Nordseter where you can spend an active day in the nature

Aktiviteter på Nordseter og i Lillehammerfjellet

Perfect ski tracks in Nordseter

Nordseter offers over 600 km with perfectly groomed ski trails.

Skiløyper på Nordseter Foto:

På Nordseter finner du et stort utvalg av turstier.

Turstier på Nordseter. Foto

cross country ski tracks in Nordseter some of the best in the world

Cross Country skiing in Nordseter

The natural adventure of cross-country-skiing in Nordseter is a pleasure also for beginners. The whole equipment – from skis to sticks and shoes– can be rented from the service center in Nordseter or at the Sport1 shop in Sjusjøen. This way, you always have the newest and best equipment available, save the trouble of carrying heavy baggage, and can daily choose your personal favorites.  The exercise in front of the magnificent winter backdrop of Nordseter strengthens your lungs and your cardiovascular system, but most of all, it is a relaxing pleasure for spirit and soul. It is a way of contemplation and reflection about nature and oneself. This is very well known also by professionals. Every year, the national teams of various countries visit the Nordseter area both for World Cup competition  and for their training camps and as a source of power. Many great teams and athletes are accommodated in Lillehammer Fjellstue during the international competitions in Lillehammer and also for the Birkebeinerrace every year in March. As a guest of Lillehammer Fjellstue you will find another source of power. Good cuisine, afordable delicate wines, and the authentic Norwegian hospitality of the Martinsen family and staff are part guest experience we offer here in Nordseter. Nice and cosy rooms and chatels,  coffe tea and board games by the fire pla after dinner and the casual atmosphere make Lillehammer Fjellstue an amazing experience altogether. A perfect day skiing in Nordseter

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Stisykling i Lillehammerfjellet

Mountain biking in Nordseter

Nordseter and the mountain areas of Lillehammer offers more than 1,300 kilometres of tracks for mountain biking.  You can choose to cycle in the forest, in mountains, through valleys or past mountain lakes and mountain farming communities. There are plenty of routes to choose from - it won't be the hills, but the scenic beauty that will take your breath away!  An extensive network of roads ideal for bicycling can be found in the mountains in Lillehammer and Hafjell. Kilometre upon kilometre of solid country roads with minimal vehicle traffic will take you through local mountains and valleys and past idyllic mountain lakes and summer mountain farms. It won't be the mountains, but the nature, that will leave you breathless. Local chairlifts and the gondola can bring you quickly to an ideal starting point at the top of the mountain at both Sjusjøen and Hafjell.  In our lockable bike room, we provide you with cleaning facilities, a small selection of special tools, air pump, a self-repair workshop and of course plenty of storage space for your bikes. Whether you are riding a fatbike, a fully, an e-bike or a racing bike – your tour starts straight from the hotel door.   If you need to rent a bike, bicycles and equipment are available for rent at both Sjusjøen, Nordseter and Hafjell. Our service partner Sport1 Sjusjøen offers 15% discount on the rent, and we are happy to bring the bike to your doorstep. You can buy a very good mapfrom the girls at the front desk, or use  TRAILGUDE which is a very helpful tool to give you the best exerience on your bike. Happy biking!

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Hunder er velkommen på Lillehammer Fjellstue

Pets welcome

Bringing Your Pet on Holiday to Nordseter. As dog owners ourselves we know how important it is to have our furry friends join us on holiday, they are part of the family after all. The staff at Lillehammer Fjellstue are pleased to announce that all room types in the Fjellstue and all our self-catering accommodation accept pets. Nordseter is a great place for you to explore with your dog with numerous forests, mountains, hills, trails and pathways to explore and without travelling too far, small mountain beaches to and lakes. With so many sights, smells and sounds your four legged friend will be in seventh heaven. We have a small selection of pet aricles for sale at the front desk as well as food for our fury friends if you have forgotten to bring it along. We also have close connections to a very good vet in case that should be neccesary.

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Tur til Nevelfjell

Mountain hiking in Nordseter

Hiking is a popular activity among both the young and old. Enjoy the beautiful sights that the Nordseter landscape has to offer and hike on nearly 600 kilometres of marked hiking and panorama trails with views of mountain streams and flower meadows. Hiking in Lillehammer mountains offers various tours from relaxing, easy walks – around the lakes, for instance ­– to demanding peak climbing.  A climb up one of the peaks will reward you with an unparalleled mountain panorama. Hikes designed for individuals as well as families are available. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and be enchanted by the glorious panorama.. The area offers an infinite amount of hike and bike trails, and you can find what suits you whether you are with family, a passionate hiker making a training program, or having more relaxing wishes for the trip. The trails are well marked, so it is easy to find. It is also very well suitable for offroad cycling with good and challenging cycling routes. Our tour favorite in the summer is to head to Nevelfjell., which is the highest point in the area. From here you can see the mountains in Rondane and Jotunheimen on a good day. You can either continue from there to the Pellostova and have a cup of coffee with the hosts there, or go for a round trip and end up down at our place again. Please ask at reception at Lillehammer Fjellstue for today's hiking tips or yse TRAILGUIDE as a tool . You will also find today's weather forecast at the front desk. Have a nice hike!   

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Fossevandling langs Mesnaelva i Lillehammer

Waterfall walks In Mesnaelva

You can park the car by canal, next to the top of the Olympic Park in Lillehammer and walk along Mesnaelva all the way down to Lillehammer city center. Here you will come across  dams and small waterfalls in wild and beautiful scenery. Mesnaelva was one of Lillehammer's first tourist attractions in the 1800s. It has been used as a motive for many famous painters throughout the ages. On the way down you enter Lillehammer's only "outdoor swimming pool"  Badedammen, and here it is possible to take a dip before you go the last bit down to the center. From the center you can walk up to the Olympic Park and take the chair lift up to the top. There's only a short stroll away to the canal where the car is standing. Parking by the canal is free. You can also take a bus from Lillehammer and get off at the edge road and stroll into the canal or take a taxi. Request map and description at the reception.

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