The natural adventure of cross-country-skiing in Nordseter is a pleasure also for beginners. The whole equipment – from skis to sticks and shoes– can be rented from the service center in Nordseter or at the Sport1 shop in Sjusjøen. This way, you always have the newest and best equipment available, save the trouble of carrying heavy baggage, and can daily choose your personal favorites. 

The exercise in front of the magnificent winter backdrop of Nordseter strengthens your lungs and your cardiovascular system, but most of all, it is a relaxing pleasure for spirit and soul. It is a way of contemplation and reflection about nature and oneself. This is very well known also by professionals. Every year, the national teams of various countries visit the Nordseter area both for World Cup competition  and for their training camps and as a source of power.

Many great teams and athletes are accommodated in Lillehammer Fjellstue during the international competitions in Lillehammer and also for the Birkebeinerrace every year in March.

As a guest of Lillehammer Fjellstue you will find another source of power. Good cuisine, afordable delicate wines, and the authentic Norwegian hospitality of the Martinsen family and staff are part guest experience we offer here in Nordseter. Nice and cosy rooms and chatels,  coffe tea and board games by the fire pla after dinner and the casual atmosphere make Lillehammer Fjellstue an amazing experience altogether.

A perfect day skiing in Nordseter