You can park the car by canal, next to the top of the Olympic Park in Lillehammer and walk along Mesnaelva all the way down to Lillehammer city center. Here you will come across  dams and small waterfalls in wild and beautiful scenery. Mesnaelva was one of Lillehammer's first tourist attractions in the 1800s. It has been used as a motive for many famous painters throughout the ages.

On the way down you enter Lillehammer's only "outdoor swimming pool"  Badedammen, and here it is possible to take a dip before you go the last bit down to the center. From the center you can walk up to the Olympic Park and take the chair lift up to the top. There's only a short stroll away to the canal where the car is standing.
Parking by the canal is free. You can also take a bus from Lillehammer and get off at the edge road and stroll into the canal or take a taxi.
Request map and description at the reception.